Global Game Jam 2012 Postmortem

We’re done with the Global Game Jam! Tree Interactive participated in the birth of two of the three games created this weekend! We are very proud of the work we did on just one weekend, and we have no doubt that the learning and sharing experienced in this weekend was very valuable!

First off, the event started with  presentations from notorious game developer veterans all around the world. From John Romero to Keita Takahashi, the keynotes tried to help the teams in building up confidence and a mental state that would prove instrumental for the rest of the weekend. The event then proceeded to make teams. The teams distributed in something like this:

Team 1
Andres Cartin (Tree Interactive)
Herberth Castro (Game developer and design veteran)
Ricardo Martinez (Developer, student)
Summary: 3 devs, no artist. GO GOOGLE IMAGES!

Team 2
Alberto Neurohr (Game design student – animator)
Emilio Monge (Developer)
Carlos Chacon (Developer, Animation)
Summary: Great team! Talented developers and experience in Unity / Maya.

Team 3
Felipe Cartin (Tree Interactive / Fair Play Labs)
Sergio Morales (Developer)
Jose Pablo Monge (Developer, IGDA Organizer)
Summary:  1 artist, 2 developers. Pretty neat!

After the creation of the teams, a theme was given to all the teams, in which they had to discuss and propose a game concept. Afterwards, we made a session between teams presenting the ideas to everyone present. The development began on Friday, and finally ended on Sunday, after a long and drawn out weekend. 3 awesome games where made, and here we present them.

Team 1. The O Game

Site info and downloads

Summary. “O” is a plataformer game with basic mechanics: move sideways, jump and action button and gyrometric capabilities of interacting with the level changing the position of the iPad. The objective is to find the exit for each level/life. But this is not an easy task, as finding and entering into the door the player will need to solve a riddle or puzzle.

The O game teammembers

The O Game


Team 2. PurgatoriO

Site info and downloads

Summary: Transform from the bright side to the dark side, would you rather be agile or strong? It’s your choice, it all depends on the situation, or on you. Race against the clock, and lose time when damaged. Abstract or not, the game is what we wanted it to be. PurgatoriO, if you’re not careful you’ll stay there forever.


Team 3. Flamey The Fire Orb Collector

Site info and downloads

Summary: Flamey needs to get himself together!! But the ghosts of his past are always running behind him. Help Flamey get all his orbs back… before his past catches up with him…

The Flamey Team

Flame screenshot

Overall a great weekend with a lot of learning experience and new friends! Great job Tree Interactive! 😀

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  1. Sergio

    February 1st, 2012 11:57

    It was a pleasure to work alongside Felipe and Jose Pablo, as well as getting to know the other participants, all highly skilled individuals and new friends. The games were pretty fun to play (and make too!), although I’m obviously biased towards Flamey’s 😉 All in all an enlightening and very enjoyable experience 😀 talk about exceeded expectations!

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