Global Game Jam 2013 Postmortem We just finished with another year of Global Game Jam madness! A very unusual sense of purpose, 30 participants and limitless energy drinks were mixed this weekend to fulfill a higher purpose. A song of madness, fellowship, competition, but most of all, fun, was played by the different participants of this event, allowing for an almost psychodelic experience, giving birth to 8 games! Pictures of the event, thanks to Juan Pablo Navarro:

The theme.

On every Game Jam, a concept is chosen to be the parting point for every game design. The game has to be designed so that it extends from this concept and, by limiting your minds to a concept, creatively work on solutions that will potray it in a fun way. At least this was the purpose. The theme that was selected was a sound: a heartbeat. This was a very interesting concept, since a heartbeat can indicate an audio centric feel, maybe a sense of panic for some, a feeling of love, or a medical problem. Some even dared to say that the heartbeat let them to think of rhythms or even footsteps.

Team 1. Radio Amnesia (Tree Interactive members)

Andres Cartin (Tree Interactive), Felipe Cartin(Tree Interactive), Andrea Torres, Carlos Carranza. Two Tree Interactive members teamed up with Software Engineer Andrea Torres and Journalist and D&D Hobbyist Carlos Carranza to create this weekend-game.

Title Screen800_0

Check out these videos and see the gameplay and some animations made in 48 hours:

Team 2. Grave Digg.

GGJ Entry: Play online!

Team 3. Instic

Team 4. Twisted Shotgun Panic Cave Play on Android:

Team 5. HUNGER

Team 6. Nightmare Land

Team 7. Zombie Escape

Team 8. Rescue Simulator 2013