I am a brave knight

Here at Tree Interactive, we have always been fans of Jenova Chen’s work since the times of “Cloud”, a game that captured our attention on our first GDC (2006). It was since then that we had the purpose of one day, creating a game that would evoke emotion. Immersive games is what we wanted to do from that day on, games that would provoke an ambience, a feeling, and give the player something to think about. Until this year, hard to even say it, but 8 years later, have we finally taken the leap to actually try it. Thanks for the Global Game Jam keynote Jenova, it felt like a good reminder of our goal in game developing. This was an experiment for us here at Tree. We really did not know what would become of it but neither did we care. We came to the resolution that what mattered the most is that we tried. Looking back to that weekend, the result of what we pursued was fueled with emotions from the past days, days with funerals, longings and family. We are very proud to have finally created I am a brave knight. The passage of life has a lot of tiny details engrained in it. We tried our best to add our own experiences into the game that would portray life as we see it. We must follow our path in life with pride, wherever it take us.