22 Feb 2014
I am a brave knight

Here at Tree Interactive, we have always been fans of Jenova Chen’s work since the times of “Cloud”, a game that captured our attention on our first GDC (2006). It was since then that we had the purpose of one day, creating a game that would evoke emotion. Immersive games is what we wanted to do from that day on, games that would provoke an ambience, a feeling, and give the player something to think about. Until this year, hard to even say it, but 8 years later, have we finally taken the leap to actually try it. Thanks for the Global Game Jam keynote Jenova, it felt like a good reminder of our goal in game developing. This was an experiment for us here at Tree. We really did not know what would become of it but neither did we care. We came to the resolution that what mattered the most is that we tried. Looking back to that weekend, the result of what we pursued was fueled with emotions from the past days, days with funerals, longings and family. We are very proud to have finally created I am a brave knight. The passage of life has a lot of tiny details engrained in it. We tried our best to add our own experiences into the game that would portray life as we see it. We must follow our path in life with pride, wherever it take us.

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22 Feb 2014
Global Game Jam 2014

The project


“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”

This was the theme for the Global Game Jam 2014, held from January 24th through January 26th. In case you’re wondering, Global Game Jam is the world’s largest game jam event (game creation) taking place around the world at different physical locations, were all participants have 48 hours to make a game associated with a common concept.

Over 70 countries participated in this event, and Costa Rica was no exception, resulting in the development of 7 different games (around 30 game developers!).

Our experience

We took the chance to challenge ourselves on making a game that could connect with the player in a different way. In a more emotional way. We came up with I am a brave knight, which we feel it creates the emotion and bond we were looking for.


Upon uploading it, we recieved a lot of positive feedback and reactions, video reviews and more. Here are some of the comments:

 Just wanted to say that I played through I Am A Brave Knight (twice). It was absorbing and beautiful, not quite like anything else I’ve played. And unlike many games, it delivered an emotional hit which I think I’ll remember for a long time.
-jjc_uk from IndieDB

Dude. Just… one of the best, most concise things I’ve played of 2014. I can’t say enough nice things about it. Visual style is beautiful and appropriate.
-dopplerinteract from IndieDB

That was one of the best things I’ve played in a really long time. I honestly have nothing else to say to this, a few glitches here and there but man, that was unbelievable. Maybe it’s just because it touched upon some things that I have dealt with but, please, more people have to play this. Put this on kickstarter or something, with some length and more depth to gameplay to it, it could be so so good. If you ever do anything more with it, make sure you send me a message as a favor eh?

Best of luck to all of you, take my advice, make this a full project.
-3 from Unity Forums

To be honest, one of the best things i have ever played, it was truly amazing!
-virror from Unity Forums

As the game goes on, I experience great highs and lows of emotion, all from these words I’m typing. Some offer a slight reprieve; others are words I never want to have to type or talk about.
-John Polson – IndieGaming.com

This is like a small sequence from the movie Up. It’s a great achievement for a two day project. And it matches with the theme really well. I’m proud of you guys!
-Jenova Chen – Co-founder of ThatGameCompany

You can play the game here.

Tree Interactive at Global Game Jame 2014
Tree Interactive at Global Game Jame 2014

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23 Mar 2013
Global Game Jam 2013 Postmortem

http://www.gamejamcostarica.com/ We just finished with another year of Global Game Jam madness! A very unusual sense of purpose, 30 participants and limitless energy drinks were mixed this weekend to fulfill a higher purpose. A song of madness, fellowship, competition, but most of all, fun, was played by the different participants of this event, allowing for an almost psychodelic experience, giving birth to 8 games! Pictures of the event, thanks to Juan Pablo Navarro: http://www.flickr.com/photos/92589881@N07/sets/72157632611019885/

The theme.

On every Game Jam, a concept is chosen to be the parting point for every game design. The game has to be designed so that it extends from this concept and, by limiting your minds to a concept, creatively work on solutions that will potray it in a fun way. At least this was the purpose. The theme that was selected was a sound: a heartbeat. This was a very interesting concept, since a heartbeat can indicate an audio centric feel, maybe a sense of panic for some, a feeling of love, or a medical problem. Some even dared to say that the heartbeat let them to think of rhythms or even footsteps.

Team 1. Radio Amnesia (Tree Interactive members)

Andres Cartin (Tree Interactive), Felipe Cartin(Tree Interactive), Andrea Torres, Carlos Carranza. Two Tree Interactive members teamed up with Software Engineer Andrea Torres and Journalist and D&D Hobbyist Carlos Carranza to create this weekend-game. http://globalgamejam.org/2013/radio-amnesia

Title Screen800_0

Check out these videos and see the gameplay and some animations made in 48 hours:

Team 2. Grave Digg.

GGJ Entry: http://globalgamejam.org/2013/gravedigg Play online! http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1903951/game-jams/gravedigg/gravedigg.html

Team 3. Instic


Team 4. Twisted Shotgun Panic Cave

http://globalgamejam.org/2013/twisted-shotgun-panic-cave Play on Android:

Team 5. HUNGER


Team 6. Nightmare Land


Team 7. Zombie Escape


Team 8. Rescue Simulator 2013


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01 Feb 2012
Global Game Jam 2012 Postmortem

We’re done with the Global Game Jam! Tree Interactive participated in the birth of two of the three games created this weekend! We are very proud of the work we did on just one weekend, and we have no doubt that the learning and sharing experienced in this weekend was very valuable!

First off, the event started with  presentations from notorious game developer veterans all around the world. From John Romero to Keita Takahashi, the keynotes tried to help the teams in building up confidence and a mental state that would prove instrumental for the rest of the weekend. The event then proceeded to make teams. The teams distributed in something like this:

Team 1
Andres Cartin (Tree Interactive)
Herberth Castro (Game developer and design veteran)
Ricardo Martinez (Developer, student)
Summary: 3 devs, no artist. GO GOOGLE IMAGES!

Team 2
Alberto Neurohr (Game design student – animator)
Emilio Monge (Developer)
Carlos Chacon (Developer, Animation)
Summary: Great team! Talented developers and experience in Unity / Maya.

Team 3
Felipe Cartin (Tree Interactive / Fair Play Labs)
Sergio Morales (Developer)
Jose Pablo Monge (Developer, IGDA Organizer)
Summary:  1 artist, 2 developers. Pretty neat!

After the creation of the teams, a theme was given to all the teams, in which they had to discuss and propose a game concept. Afterwards, we made a session between teams presenting the ideas to everyone present. The development began on Friday, and finally ended on Sunday, after a long and drawn out weekend. 3 awesome games where made, and here we present them.

Team 1. The O Game

Site info and downloadshttp://globalgamejam.org/2012/o

Summary. “O” is a plataformer game with basic mechanics: move sideways, jump and action button and gyrometric capabilities of interacting with the level changing the position of the iPad. The objective is to find the exit for each level/life. But this is not an easy task, as finding and entering into the door the player will need to solve a riddle or puzzle.

The O game teammembers

The O Game


Team 2. PurgatoriO

Site info and downloadshttp://globalgamejam.org/2012/purgatorio

Summary: Transform from the bright side to the dark side, would you rather be agile or strong? It’s your choice, it all depends on the situation, or on you. Race against the clock, and lose time when damaged. Abstract or not, the game is what we wanted it to be. PurgatoriO, if you’re not careful you’ll stay there forever.


Team 3. Flamey The Fire Orb Collector

Site info and downloadshttp://globalgamejam.org/2012/flamey-fire-orb-collector

Summary: Flamey needs to get himself together!! But the ghosts of his past are always running behind him. Help Flamey get all his orbs back… before his past catches up with him…

The Flamey Team

Flame screenshot

Overall a great weekend with a lot of learning experience and new friends! Great job Tree Interactive! 😀

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27 Jan 2012
Global Game Jam 2012!

This weekend starting January 27th will be the new Global Game Jam! The Tree Interactive team is proud to be present in this collaboration weekend with, hopefully, a lot of talented developers and artists! The goal of the Global Game Jam is to create a concept and develop a game in a weekend, an event celebrated all around the world. We will be participating on this creative event and will definitely keep you updated as to what happens. Wish us luck!



Global Game Jam Website – http://globalgamejam.org/

Costa Rican Global Game Jam information – http://headlesschickengames.com/?q=node%2F9

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21 Jan 2012
Website launch!

Welcome to Tree Interactive’s website!

Our aim is to become the largest game and interactive software company based on Costa Rica.  As we continue our journey through this website, we will be posting progress on new ideas and concepts, so stay tuned for more updates!

We are currently working out the details of the Tweet Land launch party! We have been working on this game for about a year now, following a succesful kickstarter campaign. We want to release Tweet Land with a big bang, so our partners at Why Ideas are working hard to iron the details of this. The private launch party is going to be on January 30 at the Casa del Cuño in Barrio Escalante.  We are very excited for this promising event, and are hoping this will create a good impact on the Costa Rican media.

-The Tree Interactive Team

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04 May 2011
In the news: Kickstarter

Tweet Land – The first set of games that play with reality!

A Video Games project in San Jose, Costa Rica by Villalobos, Espinoza, Vasquez, Cartin(s)

Source: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nestorvc/tweet-land-the-first-set-of-games-that-play-with-r


∆ Give us a Like if you love indie games ∆

What would happen if what people share in their social networks turns real? And best of all, if you could play with that? Well, if you like the idea of the twittersphere becoming a virtual universe, this is for you.

Welcome to Tweet Land, the first set of videogames that plays with reality.

This project was born because we always thought that it would be really fun if what people comment in Twitter could turn real. You know, from the serious stuff twitters sometimes talk about, to the really nonsense tweets people make daily. So we decided to start working on this idea, and that’s how Tweet Land was born. We have now advanced a lot and are really excited, but our resources are limited. So we need your help to make Tweet Land what everybody of us dream of.

Initial Tweet Land Games

In this universe you will be able to play several videogames. Tweet Land will be launched with two initial games. A racing game called Route 140 and an action game called Love City. Check out the video to watch the action gameplay. Hope you like them. Enjoy!

How does Tweet Land work?

The game works really simple. Every time someone in the world tweets something, his or her tweets could affect the gameplay of Tweet Land by triggering certain action-keywords. It could be a “car accident” in your racing game, it could be your hate-gun gets reloaded in the action game, it could be anything.

We have created tons of situations that are triggered by their relative keywords that people might tweet. Some of them are:

  • car accident
  • meteor
  • shooting star
  • tsunami
  • volcano eruption
  • fireflies
  • zombie
  • beach
  • love
  • hate
  • shotgun
  • lightsaber

We have many many more, but we don’t want to spoil your game. And we will create even more. Many will be based on trend topics, many on actual events, and many others will be odd stuff people tweet (you know that happens a lot!).

The sweet part comes from the fact that people around the world are always creating tweets for the game based on their real-life experiences; even if they are not playing; even if they don’t know anything about Tweet Land. So the events and the gameplay are always changing within the web and its thousands of conversations.

What makes Tweet Land awesome?

Tweet Land is the first set of videogames that plays with reality, making it different every time you play and endlessly replayable. Its main features are:

 How will Kickstarter help?

We have plenty of Tweet Land done. But we have many more work to do and many things to pay for. We plan to launch Tweet Land before mid 2011, for iPhone and web browser with two initial games. One of the games is a racing game called Route 140 and the other is an action game called Love City. With your support we can:

secure the ongoing development and multiplatform release
pay the dedicated servers necessary to run the Twitter integration correctly
buy software licenses
and lock the Beta-phase so we can launch on date

Backer rewards

As some of the rewards, we are giving to every pledge of $5 or more a pre-order of the game so you can download it when it is ready, and for every pledge of $15 or more we are giving Tweet Land beta-test access before the game is on public release so you can help us build it with your ideas. Check the other cool rewards on the top side-bar.

The faces behind Tweet Land

We are a group of friends from sunny Costa Rica that all of our lives have been really passionate about videogames and the web. For this reason every one of us has specialized since years ago into web/software development, graphic design, audio composition, e-marketing, social media and digital creativity. We already have worked in award-winning projects (‘Romeria Virtual’ won Silver Cannes Lion; ‘Wackylands Boss’ became an AppleStore Top Paid Game; etc.) in our daytime jobs, but we thought it was time to jump out and start working in our own fun stuff. To stop the talk, and start the doing.

Hope you share our vision, and either you help us with a pledge or by spreading the word (give us a Like or tweet about it), we will really appreciate your support.

Gracias! Pura vida.

You can subscribe to our newsletter or take a sneak peek of the ongoing development at tweetlandgame.com

And by the way, everytime someone shares the Kickstarter link in Twitter, a fancy event will happen in Tweet Land site 😀

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03 May 2011
In the news: Wired

Tweet Land: Where the game play is determined by Twitter

By Olivia Solon0

Source: http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2011-05/3/tweetland

Tweet Land – The first set of games that play with reality! from Tweet Land on Vimeo.

Tweetland is a new game that aims to use real time tweets to shape game play. It’s currently looking for funds on Kickstarter.

A little like Scribblenauts, the games within Tweet Land take mentions of certain words on the microblogging site and turns them into gaming events. Some of the trigger words will be based on trend topics, while others are based on internet memes or common events.

There are currently just two games within the aesthetically retro Tweet Land: racing game Route 140 and shoot-em-up Love City. Route 140 is programmed to look for mentions of keywords in tweets, such as “car accident”, “tsunami”, “shooting star”, “fireflies” and “zombie”. These words will trigger somewhat self-explanatory actions within the gaming universe.

So the mention of a meteor will cause — surprise, surprise — a meteor to hit the road, and if someone tweets about a car crash, that too will take place on the route. The word zombie triggers an invasion of the undead onto Route 140. If Twitter starts to experience problems, a fail whale will also fall onto the track.

Currently the game reacts to all mentions of the words, but the team plans to filter out tweets with offensive words in the near future.

The second game sees an anti-care bear in charge of weapons that are powered with “hate” tweets. The misanthropic bear builds his armoury through weapon-based tweets such as “lightsaber” and “shotgun”. These are then charged with the hate tweets. He then has to take on citizens that try to hug him every time someone tweets the word “love”.

In an email interview, the Tweet Land team told Wired.co.uk that the biggest challenge was keeping the game balanced in order it to be “fun and addictive”. They said: “Since we are using a lot of tweets for the game, there would sometimes be a problem when one keyword would appear way more often than other ones. We want the player to be able to experience a different variety of tweets every time they play without letting the game just spam a wave of retweets, so we have been working on balancing these issues.”

The team behind Tweet Land are a motley crew of developers, graphic designers, musicians and digital marketers from Costa Rica — Diego Vasquez, Nestor Villalobos, Juan Diego Espinoza, Andres Cartin, Felipe Cartin and Alberto Cartin. They have already beaten their Kickstarter funding target of $7,000, which will go towards launching the game in beta for the web and iPhone.

The aim is to build more games within the Tweet Land platform and eventually launch on iPad and Android. The video above gives you a flavour of the games. Do you like the idea? Tell us in the comments below.

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27 Apr 2011
In the news: Springwise

Game creates a playable virtual world controlled by tweets

Source: http://www.springwise.com/gaming/tweetland/


There’s no doubt that technology continues to provide ever-more immersive gaming environments, with the latest graphics and gameplay offering unparralled realism. A new game called Tweetland however, has plans to harness technology to build a gaming environment determined by social networking activity.

The game — currently seeking funds on Kickstarter with an target of USD 7,000 — feeds off tweets from around the globe and pulls them into a user’s gameplay experience. For example, in the Route 140 racing game, a tweet reading “I’ve just seen a meteor” from someone on the Twittersphere will result in a meteor landing on the track for the gamer to dodge. The game has been programmed to respond to tweets mentioning a variety of objects and events, such as car accidents, shooting stars, volcano eruption, fireflies and zombies. A video of the gameplay can be seen here. The other Tweetland game currently in production — Love City — feeds off tweets about love or hate, with the player’s gun being loaded with “hate” tweets to combat enemies generated by “love” tweets such as “I like hugs”. Both games feature retro graphics and an original soundtrack.

The Kickstarter funding will be used to develop the game for both the web and mobile devices, paying for the dedicated servers to run the Twitter integration correctly and to buy software licenses. Rewards are on offer for backers, such as a place in the game displaying the backer’s name, and access to a beta version of the game before a full launch. For those who can’t wait for that, a sample of the Tweetland world in action can be previewed on their website.

The Tweetland world is an intriguing proposition, and it won’t be necessary for user’s to own a Twitter account to play in it. The game’s innovative use of Twitter is one of the more interesting that we’ve seen, and pushes the boundaries for what can be achieved with social networks. If you’re thinking of boosting your brands online presence, this should be food for thought! (Related: In London, public transport travel gets gamified — Finnish library uses games to crowdsource indexing — Platform adds gaming elements to any website or application.)

Spotted by: Katharina Kieck

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26 Apr 2011
In the news: CNN en español

The Tweet Land Team was proud to be interviewed twice by the spanish version of CNN (CNN en español).

CNN en español: Claudia Palacios

CNN en español: Clix

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